A relocation can be a stressful, emotional moment in someone’s life. But whether you’re relocating for a job on a new city, or just moving away from family, a little bit of planning can go a long way in avoiding the stress and anxiety related to a relocation.

Things to do before you relocate

  • Research your new location – Maybe you already have a home lined up, maybe you don’t. Either way, research is your best ally before you relocate somewhere new. What are the options for entertainment and leisure at the new place? If you have children, what are your school options? Some people relocate already with a job offer in the new city, while some are just looking for a change in lifestyle – if you’re part of the second group, look up jobs and companies online before you move, so you’re ready to apply and interview once you get there.
  • Choose a neighborhood – Is it possible to physically visit your new home/neighborhood before you move in? If it isn’t, Google Maps might give you a good idea of what to expect. Have a look at the houses around you. Where are the closest amenities? Is it easy to get around by car, walking and/or transit?
  • Plan your move – Moving checklists and labels will come in handy. Remember to label all of your boxes to make unpacking easier and avoid your essential items getting misplaced. Keep important documents and personal items readily available and make eating and sleeping arrangements beforehand.

Tips for relocation