Corporate Relocation Destination Services

As one of Canada’s only Corporate Housing Providers that also offer Corporate Relocation Destination Services, PCA’s commitment of understand the Relocating Professional’s Relocation Journey is only re-enforced. With offers a wide variety of Corporate Relocation Destination services; including:

Unfurnished Rental Home Searches

Offering a personalized service, PCA will tailor the service to the transferee’s specific home search and orientation needs. Whether the transferee prefers to rent or buy a house, duplex, apartment or townhouse, or live in the city or the suburbs, we will make their Home Finding experience less time consuming and stressful allowing them to focus more on their new work posting.   Based on their housing requirements, budget and the available housing market, our Destination Consultant will schedule appointments to view the perspective options. Our Consultant will pick up your transferee at their hotel or office and escort them to the viewing appointments. Once they have made their selection we will assist them in completing all necessary lease documentation.

Orientation Tours

An informative tour of Vancouver’s Hi-lights and other parts of the Lower Mainland that may be of interest to you.  A great way to familiarize yourself with the Greater Vancouver Area. This tour will include a familiarization of neighbourhoods, cultural highlights and housing differences in each area

Settling In Services

For those transferees that need a little bit more assistance, PCA will provide a meet and greet on arrival at the airport, initial orientation tour, one day rental home search, one day neighborhood familiarization, documentation provisions:  school information & registration assistance, social insurance, medical services plan, driver’s license, vehicle registration and other necessary associated services

Allow PCA to be your “one stop shop” for Corporate Destination Service.

Unfurnished Rental Home Searches

It’s hard for someone to focus on business when they’re unsure where they’re going to live. PCA can assist with everything up to signing the lease:

• We know current trends and rates
• We know area demographics
• Neighborhood characteristics
• We know all housing types
• We’ll get you timely results

Orientation Tours

PCA can provide a host of services to get our clients familiar with their new surroundings and settled in short order:

• Neighbourhood orientation tours
• Assistance in obtaining driver’s license, Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.), medical, school registration, vehicle registration
• “Meet and greets”
• Informative overviews with rental and real estate values and demographics

Settling in services

Our Settling Service package is an overall package for the relocating family. Starting with a Neighborhood Familiarization Tour and then a Rental Home Search or Real Estate Assistance, we also include the finer details such as:

• Assistance in obtaining driver’s license
• Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.)
• Medical Plan Registration
• School Registration
• Vehicle Registration
• “Meet and Greets”